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The SMO, "Social Media Optimization" is a new strategy that began with the web 2.0. This is the best platform to promote your product or services on Social Media by sharing links. Thus, the relevance of websites will rise with the inbound links and contribute to winning positions naturally in the SERPs of search engines. The main goal of Social media is to generated new and unique visitor every day for your website.

They must understand the importance and variety of social media that exist to imagine their involvement in the dissemination of content and different ways:

The main strategies of this process in SEO are as follow:

1- Getting inbound links from web Interests fortified by social media. If you know of Mind, the 'Social News you drink for this purpose; You are the most popular on Digg.

2- Create social and creative quality content for unicast in Social Media strategies pure.

Tactics to follow for the SMO are:

1- We should give the maximum facilities to the users just like a- Give like, share, follow buttons give them a  suggestion box so that they are directly write their views to you that what kind of product and improvements in services they want.

2- We should manage and update our website profile on social media on regular basis. It will help you to make customer loyal to your brand and help you to increase your new visitors.

3- Focus on content, just publish a wide range of content don't focus only on one channel like if you are posting regularly blogs then the visitor will get bored from your page. try a variety like info graphics, videos, images, text, field updates etc.

Don't publish the content which is full of advertising and promotional language, its should be informative and standard.

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